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Shady School Business
A school in New Zealand has been under investigation because it attempted to deny a student the opportunity to participate in a field trip. This was the result of the student’s parents not contributing towards a voluntary donation. The case was resolved with the court stating “such donations are voluntary and no student should be denied privileges available to other students with parents who donated.” The school backed down and allowed the student to attend the field trip. It should be noted this was not the first time the school tried to force donations.

More state housing will be available for those who need it.
As a result of the more than 4000 people on the state house waiting list, Housing Minister Phil Heatley investigated fraudulent tenants and terminated 166 of them. Withholding information such as income, assets, business interests or living with a partner resulted in many of these tenants losing their state housing.

The main languages spoken in New Zealand are New Zealand English, Te Reo Māori (the Māori language), and New Zealand Sign Language.
The Maori are originally from Polynesian decent. Believed to arrive in New Zealand in the 1300's. The Pākehā culture is more from British decent. They arrived in the late 18th century. The Maori lost a lot of their land because of the Pākehā.
The All Blacks rugby team is very popular in New Zealand. They perform a Haka which was taken from the Māori culture. A haka is the 'cultural dance' component of traditional Māori Performing Arts.

What's Bugging New Zealand??
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Since the late 1990's, use of amphetamines has increased greatly. It is believed to be a result of a growing increase in public and social problems including mental illness, drug dependency, intravenous drug use, family-break down, violence, and property crime.