Split into groups agreed upon with your professor. In your group, determine your role. You will then go to the wiki page of your group, to get more specific information. The teacher will help you. You will then present your information to the class. Each person is expected to present their section.

1. Meet as a group and determine roles
2. Individuals complete your task, but check back with the group.
3. Reunite as a group and share work. (NOTE: only one group member at a time can update the wiki page)
4. Prepare for a presentation of 5 minutes.
5. Each group will present at our "world fair".
  • Present your countries information
  • Discuss the impact that your information has on education
  • Provide a few thoughts as to why increased knowledge of other countries can enhance our ability to educate students


Story Teller: Tell a story

News Reporter: Current Events and Weather

Contemporary Artist: Make a Cartoon of your region about an interesting facts or issues from your country.

Anthropologist: Graphs pertinent information about your country.


Places to get images:
All Resources: