The Clever Hare from South Africa

Hare was hungry. He knew in order to provide himself with food, he needed to plant a crop. This was going to take too much work because he needed his whole field cleared first before he could plant. He didn't like to work. So- he came up with a clever plan! he dragged a really long piece of rope behind him, and laid it across his field. He hid in the bushes until a huge elephant came strolling along. He challenged the elephant to a tug of war. The elephant, looking at the size of the clever hare, laughed like he was crazy, and accepted the challenge. The Hare told the elephant to wait until he tugged on the rope before he started the "war:". The clever Hare then hid in another set of bushes on the other side of the field, until a muddy, humongous hippo waddled by. The clever Hare repeated his challenge to the Hippo. The hippo laughed at his proposal and accepted the challenge.
The Hare gave the rope a tug, and the elephant and the hippo began their tug of war. The powerful animals dragged the rope back and forth until nightfall. With each tug, a new part of the field was cleared! By nightfall, the entire field was cleared!! What a clever Hare!

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