By: Carolyn, Casey and Taryn
Myths of the Celtic Lands

Cuchulainn was an Irish warrior who sought to fight against his land’s greatest enemy, Queen Medb’s army. The Queen immobilized Cuchulainn’s army with a curse. Therefore, he had to fight alone. Through blood, sweat, and tears Cuchulainn fought and killed the Queen’s ranks. However, Cuchulainn did not make it out without a fight. He had been pierced by spears and bruised by blows; yet he still managed to die on his feet. He posted himself up against a stone pillar to die standing up with the spear through his abdomen. No one approached his body until three days later- the Queen flew down as a crow and landed behind his shoulders.

The distance from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to Bern, Switzerland is 3933.31 miles! Look and see how this compares to other countries below:

For a country that is only about twice the size of New Jersey (15,940 square miles), they have a population of 7,446,000 people!

Did you know?

The Matterhorn is the most recognized mountain in all of Europe!!

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